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Energetics of Fertility


During this journey of preparation for fertility and conception, I will help guide you through the process of environmental calibration, where we will look at how we can create an environment that will align us with fertility. We will also look at ways in which we fortify the energy field to create inner balance. 

The art of nurturing a woman and preparing her for the voyage into motherhood has been lost in the recent generations. Preparing for pregnancy is a conversation that isn’t being had; this wisdom is not passed down from mother to daughter, is not shared in school, and it’s not a topic that your doctor will bring up. The culture and wisdom that was passed down to young women was the key that unlocked a woman's ability to learn the art of self care and nourishment, that ultimately allowed her to create life. These traditions, rituals, and preparations were of a holistic nature, and have sadly become an undercurrent of the journey towards motherhood. 

My mission is to guide women on their path to a conscious and radiant conception of life, one in which we were built for if we were to choose. You’ll learn to tap into your power and inner intuition to create an environment for fertility. These sessions will guide you to create an ecosystem that is in alignment with a prosperous conception.

Calibration of the mother requires a mind, body and spirit approach:

  • Morphogenic Field Technique

  • Removing toxins from your life and environment 

  • Education on how to truly nourish the body

  • Emotional Pattern Clearing 

  • Movement, Breath, and Meditation

We will prepare your mind, body and spirit for creation. As we focus on preparing your body for success, we must value the natural rhythms of healing and change. Long-lasting success for anything, does not happen overnight. It takes time to flourish, and just like a flower, we can’t rush our bloom. This same analogy applies to understanding ourselves and our bodies. As women, we have been consistently navigated towards environments that aren’t in alignment with our highest potential. Environments that aren’t in alignment cause a weakening of our energy field and can lead to challenges with fertility. Some of these can be caused from high stress, the toxicity of sanitary products and birth control pills, beauty products, dieting, and even our relationships. This isn’t to make it seem overwhelming, but it is to show how our environment matters. Our environments are like soil to a flower. When we take our power back by consciously choosing the best environment, we become more aware of how our environment has an impact on our ability to bloom.

Energetics of Fertility: Text

Not sure if this is right for you? Schedule a free fifteen minute virtual consult to talk about your individual needs!

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