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Personal Wellness

Are you looking to lead a healthier lifestyle and don't know where to start? I am here to help! Trying to navigate the unknown waters of what is actually "healthy" for us and not something that keeps us in the constant state of "dis-ease" within the body is hard! It takes a lot of time and research and individual needs for every-body can vary. Let me take the stress out of the equation and help build a plan that suits your individual needs. 

Our body and mind is so disregulated with the nature of todays society. Not only are we surrounded by toxins, we have become set in routines that are causing us to be sick and plagued with unruly symptoms. We need to change those habits and choices into a regimen that can return our body to its optimal state, and keep it there. Eating correctly is a huge part of your improvement. We need to know that along with the supplements, you will be choosing Whole foods. If you choose to not make your diet a priority, your recovery process will be limited. With every bite you take, you are building new healthy cells which turn into tissues and organs. When you take in toxic, chemical-laden food, you are no longer nourishing your body. Instead, you are poisoning it. Eating what is closest to nature will be the nearest energetic match for our bodies. In a world full of choices, we like to keep it simple. Whole foods, grass fed, pasture raised animals, seasonal fruits and veggies, and adequate healthy fats that are properly prepared (not heating oils to their smoking point) are the best.

Not only is what we put in our body important but the environment that we expose ourselves too. Every day products such as beauty supplies, household cleaners, fragrances, and even quality of our water and air in our home have effects on our health. 

Let me help you learn the tools to stay as happy and healthy as you deserve to be! 

Personal/Lifestyle Wellness: Text

Session Details

  • Detailed discussions about current lifestyle and setting realistic goals

  • Education on every day products that can be toxic to our health 

  • Herbal and Nutritional supplements recommended through energetic muscle testing 

  • Education and support with food choices, dietary adjustments, and new options for healing to encourage the reduction of inflammation

  • Encourage the opening and use of natural pathways to allow for detoxing and healing 

Not sure if this is right for you? Schedule a free fifteen minute virtual consult to talk about your individual needs!

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