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Morphogenic Field Technique

The Morphogenic Field Technique is a noninvasive, preventative healing modality that supports people on their distinctive journey to health.Your body is composed of cells, tissues and organs which make up systems such as the nervous system and the cardiovascular system. Have you ever wondered what makes these systems work? What makes your heart beat and your neurons fire? Its Energy!

The morphogenic field is the extension of the body’s nervous system. Our bodies are pure energy at their cores, and each cell communicates through electronic signals. These electronic signals stimulate our hearts to beat, our lungs to breathe, our reflexes to keep us safe, and the manner in which our cells react to good and bad substances that we introduce to our bodies. This is our built-in, intelligent system that allows us to evolve, maintain youth and generate more energy. Tapping into your unique field of energy allows for infinite possibilities for healing and personal growth.

This technique uses these energetic signals to gain information about the body’s state of health through the energetic status of our cells. By communicating with the energy field (the root source), we begin to identify needs that will serve as a catalyst for change. This is accomplished by supplying the individual with nutrients, herbal remedies, food, lifestyle adjustments, emotional clearing, and breath and movement training to meet the needs of the body at a cellular level.

Services: Text

Session Details

  • Herbal and Nutritional supplements recommended through energetic muscle testing 

  • Education and support with food choices, dietary adjustments, and new options for healing to encourage the reduction of inflammation

  • Encourage the opening and use of natural pathways to allow for detoxing and healing 

  • Navigation through lifestyle changes, rituals and self care practices that support individual healing

  • Spiritual and emotional energetic clearing 

  • Recommendation of breathwork practices to increase your strength and amplify your energy field for inner wellbeing

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